ERGIL RX Closures

ERGIL RX Closures

A safe, quick and economic access for your pig launchers / receivers, filters seperators and pressure vessels.

Since 1982 ERGIL has been manufacturing Quick Opening Closures (QOC) are highly used for various vessel and pipeline applications such as pressure vessels, pig launcher/receivers, filter separators.

ERGIL® trusts in the synergy of its quality product, backed by dedicated Research & Development team. The major goal of ERGIL team is to design and manufacture a quality product and provider service that fulfill customer expectations in quality, delivery time and cost efficiency.

ERGIL® is capable of designing, fabricating and manufacturing both types of quick opening closures as RX1 Bayonet and RX2 Band at its reinforced facility with 40 years of experience to choose the technically and economically the best closure for your projects in horizontal and vertical positions.

Design, Fabrication and Features

ERGIL® Design and Engineering team manages and controls the whole process carefully from the initial design of each closure to make sure its design meet project requirements right through to final delivery to ERGIL’s clients which include quality checking, forgings, receipt, all CNC machining of components any welding that requires assembly and in-house testing.

ERGIL RX Closures

In order to special applications, ERGIL’s quick opening closures can be supplied in most material specifications (alloy materials, weld overlayed) with the sizes that are available from 2 inches to 72 inches in required pressure levels and alignments as vertical & horizontal due to customer’s applications.

Ergil’s quick opening closures are designed for the customer’s exact operating requirements as different from using the ANSI series flanges (often heavier than required). ERGIL quick opening closures are easy to maintain and all parts can be mounted and demounted. ERGIL also provides manual and spare parts for this operation. ERGIL’s quick opening closures can also be designed with a mechanic or hydraulic (automatic) opening systems, if required. All of ERGIL’s quick...

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